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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Get Minecraft PE installed on your Android gadget. This latest update introduces the presence of Copper and Tuff blocks along with the addition of a Crafter.

The Bat model has undergone a redesign, and a remarkable total of 12 enhancements have been implemented. With this version, you can now seamlessly connect to servers and enjoy multiplayer gaming with friends.

It is strongly advised for everyone to upgrade to the most recent full version of the game to optimize their gaming experience.

Copper blocks

Additional choices have been incorporated into the selection of decorative blocks available.

• Craft Carved Copper by merging two Copper slabs with identical oxidation levels.
• Copper Grid – To create, you will need four equally oxidized copper blocks.
• Has transparency properties. Therefore, mobs who get inside will not suffocate.
• Creatures with hostile behavior cannot spawn on this type of block.
• Red dust should not be used.
• Copper Lantern – To create, you will need three equally oxidized copper blocks, red dust and one fire rod.
• Serves as a lighting device whose brightness decreases over time due to oxidation.
• To activate, you need Red Dust. Once connected, the red light in the center will indicate operation.
• Forge Copper doors and hatches by utilizing copper blocks with matching oxidation levels.
• Like all copper products, they will oxidize. They can be opened and closed.

Tuff blocks

• Of these, various building blocks are available in brick type, carved and polished types, as well as walls, slabs and stairs.


• The innovative one, which is designed for automatic crafting. Simply place the required ingredients into the device, activate it with redstone, and then receive a finished item that matches your craft.
• All work is accompanied by particles and sounds.
• The block has an explosion resistance of 3.5.


• Improved the bats and made them more 3D.
• New type of screens and a new “Encyclopedia” added.
• We expanded the information in the game rules about netherite blocks.
• Now the pots will have their own functionality. You can place objects there, and after breaking the pot, the objects will fall out. And you can use projectiles to break a pot.

Similarities with Java

• Now, when playing on easy level, such strong mobs as Vindicator and Evoker will not be generated.


All rectifications have been seamlessly integrated from the preceding test iterations.

Technical update

• More than forty technical modifications have been made to facilitate the process of creating mods and testing.
Minecraft PE for Android


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Thanks mcpecube for finally releasing I've been waiting for it I really appreciate on your website cuz when I tried to download minecraft from different websites and did not work luckily ur website existed because I can download
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