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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Friends! The week started with good news. The development team has already released the full version of Minecraft for Android. They worked out bugs in the world generation, and added some details from the upcoming Wild Update.

In this version, 18 innovations were added and 66 bugs were fixed that made the gameplay difficult.

Please be sure to make copies of your worlds before activating the mode.

Experimental mode

In this mode, you have the opportunity to test the content from the version of the game Minecraft 1.19. The creators added an additional setting - "Experiments with a clean version".

New items appear: Goat Horn

And also new Skulk-blocks:

  • Skulk.
  • Skulk-vein.
  • Skulk-screamer.
  • Skulk-catalyst.
  • Acoustic sensor.

World generation

Here the staff worked on some changes, namely:

Changes in the size of the world: The highest point is at 320 and the lowest is at -64.

Old worlds are also affected by this change; when loaded, they will be in new sizes and with updated world generation.
Improved the smoothness of changing biomes.
Now all biomes are generated regardless of the height, for example, the Desert can spawn in the mountains.
The mountains in this update have become very high and go up to level 256.
Caves will appear almost below the surface - so called 3D biomes.
There will be many biomes from the test versions of the game.
Minerals - Ore appears at any altitude from Y = -64 to Y = 256.
Ore Veins are also generated.

All functions from version 1.18 are not available in the "Old" worlds.

New Achievements

New 4 types of unusual achievements have been added:

1. "Caves and cliffs" - you need to jump from the highest zone and at the same time stay alive.
2. "Just like at home" - the player will need to go far on the Strider along the lake of lava in the Nether.
3. "Enchanting Music" - it is necessary to revive Lug by launching the Music Block.
4. "Star Trader" - activate trade with the Villager at the maximum level of the world.

Gameplay changes

In total, 18 changes were made, some of the main ones:

Evil creatures and monsters will appear only in complete darkness.
Added new music and Music Discs. Don't forget to download a selection of music if you have Android.
The location where the files are stored has also changed.

Bug fixes

This version has fixed 66 bugs. Most of the fixes were carried over from beta versions. Of the new ones:

Increased loading and downloading time of Realms up to 15 minutes
Fixed a bug with removing mobs from chunks.

Technical Updates

Here, the developers made 14 changes that optimized the work of add-ons or test versions of Minecraft.

Bugs that remain in the game, the team is working to eliminate them.

1. Experimental item "Create custom biomes" does not work or works with errors, so it is better not to activate this function.
2. Seeds generate the player in different places than before.

You can watch the trailer for this update below.
Minecraft PE for Android


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