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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
The new updateMinecraft has already been released for Android. The developers fixed 15 critical bugs, made 14 changes and 11 related to technical positions.

Minecraft preview

For the first time will be available for the version. Users on Windows and iOS can now play with each other.


As already mentioned in the announcement, 14 changes have been added. Among them:

1. Improved damage calculation.
2. Updated calculation of damage reduction with armor.
3. Leveled the damage on any difficulty level of such creatures as Blaze’s Fireballs, Evoker's Jaws and Shulker's Balls.
4. The damage of some mobs has been edited:

* Small Magma Cubes deal 3 damage.
* Spiders deal 2 damage.
* Zoglin Cubs deal 0.5 damage.
* Skeleton melee attacks deal 2 damage.
* Wolves deal 4 damage.

5. In the new version, the Hoglin baby is neutral towards the player.
6. Now there will be no Cow, Pig, Chicken and Sheep in Taiga biomes.
7. The developers have added a notification in the Minecraft In-Game Market.


A total of 15 bugs were fixed. Namely:

1. Fixed game element definition IDs.
2. Dragon's breath deals damage correctly.
3. The position of the player remains the same - in the lava, if he was there before leaving the game.
4. Players can normally descend ladders and vines in creative mode.
5. Fixed shield animation.
6. Established the growth stages of Carrots.
7. Fixed a bug with attacks of bees when the hive was damaged with the help of "Silk Touch"
8. Debugged the work of the keys in the interface.
9. Corrected the text in the new interface.
10. Adjusted the work of the controller.
11. Fixed crashes when clicking the "Show more" button.
12. Hangups of the loading window have been eliminated.
13. Animation of emotions now works correctly.

Technical changes

All 11 changes are designed for developers and testers.

Please be aware that this version of the update has an issue with loading worlds in Minecraft on Android mobile devices. It will crash on first boot, but it will only happen once.

Also do not forget to make copies of your worlds as this is a test version.
Minecraft PE for Android


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