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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
The new test version of Minecraft for Android OS is already available for download. In this version, the developers added changes to the Dark Depths and also added 14 more changes to the game from the Java Edition. Little by little, the conditions are created for the appearance of Warden.

Experimental features

Updates that touched the Dark Depths are approaching the appearance of the main mob of this version - Warden.

• Skulk Screamer responds to Acoustic Sensor.
• A new fear level system has been added that will gradually decrease, causing the Warden to spawn.

Equality with Java

A total of 14 changes have been added to make Bedrock and Java features equal.

• Flowing liquid has no effect on Players in creative mode.
• Villagers from seeds can make bonemeal in a composter and use it.
• Protection enchantments perform their full functions against various damage options.
• Fixed a bug due to which sometimes the health of players was restored only visually, but in fact did not change.
• If the player lands on a stalagmite it will result in fall damage.
• Fixed a bug due to which damage immunity was not applied correctly.
• Protection Enchantment now reduces the correct damage.
• The yellow hearts from Consume when receiving Wither now change color to black.
• The developers have added durability for armor.
• Diamond armor will now have 2 durability and Netherite armor 3.
• When taking damage, armor durability is now taken into account.
• In the new update, Netherite Armor now protects better than Diamond Armor by absorbing more attack.
• Netherite armor will now have less knockback resistance.
• When hit with a fist, the damage will be reduced.

Bugs fixed

• The developers have identified and fixed 22 gameplay bugs.
• Fixed some crashes that caused the game to crash, including when minimizing the game on Android.
• Updated item interactions when the screen is in a horizontal position.
• Added a new environment when generating structures.
• TNT blocks are now always displayed even when ignited with the explosion disabled in the settings and the Spread of Fire feature enabled.
• Gravel and sand now properly fall on snow layers.
• The Radiant Octopus now properly glows.
• The bug in which the sight disappeared has been fixed.
• While burning, the fire, regardless of the camera mode, is displayed in the inventory.
• Fixed the display of leather armor on the player miniature.
• Fixed the name of the tropical fish bucket after catching it.
• The Ravagers are once again attacking the Traveling Traders.
• We have adjusted the generation of creatures that are created by distributors.
• Shulkers are not duplicated under the same blocks.
• Shulkers now prefer to attach themselves to nearby blocks before attempting to teleport.
• Fixed a bug with displaying text on the screen during world creation.
• Cartographer villagers now always sell maps to Woodland Mansion.
• Fixed the work of the command that allows you to get a drop from the mob - /loot.

Technical changes

In this section, the creators of the game made 8 characteristic changes for developers and testers.
It happens at this stage. Testing RenderDragon for Android and iOS.

Attention. Make copies of the worlds before running the test version.
Minecraft PE for Android


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