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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Friends, you can already install a test version of Minecraft PE for your device. In this release, we are waiting for the updated Warden behavior, 3 innovations, 22 bug fixes and 9 technical improvements. Some innovations related to Java version equality.


In this release, the developers have corrected the behavior of the mob.


• The mob has a new type of damage - Sonic attack:

⁃ Can act at a distance;
⁃ Causes the target to be knocked back.

• If the target is found, it does not sniff.
• Other creatures can now push Warden away.
• If he learns the target, he does not dig in.
• During a collision with mobs, anger begins to appear.
• During the battle with the Warden, when changing the mode, the game does not lag.
• The correct experience points are dropped.


In total there are 4 innovations in this version. Among them:

1. Musical accompaniment for "Wild Update" appeared.
2. The developers have made the Ancient City the appropriate Java Edition.
3. You can feed the tadpoles with Slime.
4. A new item, Echo Shards, can now be found in Ancient City chests.

Corrected mistakes

22 bugs in the gameplay were found and fixed.


• Frog damage is accompanied by a new sound.
• When the Froglight breaks, an updated sound plays.
• The Allay interaction button now has a new look.
• Wither and Ender Dragon will no longer harm reinforced Abyssal Shale.
• Reinforced Abyssal Slate now has a new location in the Creative Inventory.
• Tiles, stairs and walls made of clay bricks now have the correct grouping.
• In the middle of the structure of the Ancient City, a Reinforced Deep Slate rectangle is generated.
• The block of light became indestructible in water.
• You can use mangrove roots and shoots in the composter.
• The list of plants that can be placed on Dirt Blocks and Dirty Mangrove Roots has been updated.
• Snow no longer interferes with the generation of mangrove roots.
• Control via touch screens have become more optimized.
• The textures for the Boats and Boats with Chest icons now look like they did in the Java Edition.
• Fixed a bug due to which the Lantern of Souls was generated in the air of the structure of the Ancient City.
• The material reducer in Education Edition now works without errors.

Technical changes

There are 9 technical changes in this section that will improve the development of modifications and testing.

Please note that this is a test version.

Always make copies of your worlds so you don't lose them.
Minecraft PE for Android


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