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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
This week we are waiting for another test version of Minecraft from Mojang employees. Hurry up to download to update the Spectator Mode, which has added experimental improvements. In addition, you will find innovations in Touch Control. Fixed many bugs and optimized the gameplay.

Updates in Spectator Mode

Spectator Mode is out of experimental access with all features and functionality. The main thing:

• Switch with settings or /gamemode spectator.
• Menu items become smaller after enabling the function.
• Items are not lost from inventory.

 The player in spectator mode has the following options:
 Passes through all obstacles.
 Gains immunity to damage.
 Complete invisibility to the Spectator.
 You can not use things.
 Staying up to skip the night is allowed.
 The character model is not displayed - only the head.
 Creatures do not appear near the Observer.
 Chunks will spawn if no one has spawned at that point before.
 Some commands are active.

New in Touch Control

At this point, 5 innovations were implemented. Main:

• Available division into stacks of materials in the inventory.
• Added delayed breaking of the first block for creative mode.
• Smooth scrolling of windows and inventory.
• New feature - Separate control.

Corrected mistakes

In this test version, 33 bugs in the block world were fixed. Among them:

• Fixed a crash that would cause the screen to close when moving over Dirt blocks.
• Fixed shaking shells in the Mud.
• Improved movement of creatures through mud blocks.
• Edited the breakage of the reed when removing water.
• Now glowing blocks are displayed if the player holds it in his hands.
• Canceled the flickering of the blocks when pushing the piston.
• Mobs with effects do not transfer effects to children when they reproduce.
• Adjusted the smoothness of the movement of the pistons.
• Fixed the reverse teleport of characters through the portal immediately after they moved.
• Restoration of "black" areas on the map if you visit the location again.
• Fixed the behavior of bats during sleep.
• Enchanted items do not disappear after going through portals to other dimensions.
• Bubbles form over Magma blocks at the bottom of ponds.
• Night sky textures with active ray tracing have been improved.
• Fixed work equipment after crafting.
• The function of throwing renamed items began to work again.
• Effects in Minecraft on tamed animals are again present.
• Enderman chase radius increased to 64 blocks.
• Added a new view of the Quick Access Toolbar on a new control type.
• Improved screen refresh rate during double-clicking.
• Use the /enchant command to get the desired enchantment levels.
• New message when exiting the screen for creating a new world.

Technical updates

Added 15 new updates to optimize the gameplay, as well as for users who create mods added documentation templates.

Don't forget to make copies of your worlds when downloading the test version of Minecraft.
Minecraft PE for Android


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