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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Test update Minecraft for the Bedrock version of the game has become available. The build contains a lot of new content, including a new Sakura biome, bug fixes, and a number of updated features.

New Biome

• Cherry Grove periodically comes across in the mountains, as well as a meadow.
• Sakura trees grow, the wood of which can be used to create various items.
• Pink Leaves are used to dye the appropriate color.
• Various animals live there, including rabbits, pigs and even bees flying around.

Cherry Grove biome

Screen of death

A new visual appearance has been introduced. Depending on the reaction of users, this novelty will either remain or will be edited. If you don't like it, return the previous option in the options.

Screen of death

Experimental content

Changes have been made to Archeology items and some new features.

1. Clay pot

• Can not collect several pieces at once in the inventory.
• You can no longer attach other blocks to them.
• Changed the shape of the neck.
• Improved display.
• Now there is a recipe.

2. Brush

• Now you can create using a stick, feather, and a copper ingot (all this must be lined up vertically).
• The display in the game, animation and sounds have become better.

3. Suspicious sand

• Cannot be filled with water in Minecraft.
• Works correctly with the Fence.
• Improved textures and graphics.
• To transform into sand, you need a brush.

4. Camel

• Stopped running when hit by a rideable entity.

5. Squat

• In the settings, it was allowed to disable the ability to sneak in areas below one and a half blocks high.

General changes

There are 16 new items in this section. Now in more detail:

• When a player uses the "Speak Text" feature, it will automatically break when moving to the next item.
• Using a special button, you can edit the display of enchanted items.
• Removed the display of buttons from the maps.
• The drawing of flowers after installation in the Pot occurs instantly.
• The inventory now has a header.
• Redesigned font.
• Touch devices get improvements for swiping
• The creature only boards the boat if their size is smaller.
• If you successfully trade with the villagers, you will see green effects indicating successful completion of the trade.
• Added sounds for creatures to eat food.
• The Polar Bear has a bigger hitbox, while the Pandas got a smaller one.
• Edited the call command.

Version similarity

Bedrock got what matches with Java like:

• Sounds of floor plates.
• The number of restrictions on the nicknames of the players.
• Ability to grow pumpkins with watermelons.
• Changed the nilium in creativity.
• If you remove an armor stand with a command, there will be no sound effect.

Corrected mistakes

A total of 26 errors were worked out. Main:

• The joystick controls have been fixed.
• Now we can't sneak while flying.
• Removed unknown black elements when playing in virtual mode.
• The animation between different types of movement looks smooth.
• All command blocks work correctly.
• Correctly restores HP from the effect of health boost.
• Removed the appearance of cave sounds after teleporting to another dimension.
• You can get experience points for cooking Horus in the Furnace.
• Fixed portals to the Nether.
• Light sources give the right level of light.
• The sounds of the fire became louder and clearer.
• Improved ray tracing.
• The color of the cloak stays the same when the player is wounded.
• The funnel has the correct display.
• The interface works without errors.
• While playing through the sensor, there are no problems with inventory and items.
• Some mobs can no longer be put on the boat, it all depends on the size.

Technical update

This time 17 updates. They are only important for add-on developers.

In order not to lose progress in the game, we recommend making copies of the worlds before installing the test version!
Minecraft PE for Android


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