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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Download the new version of Minecraft PE to your device. The update will add a lot of new things to the game: mobs, new decorative blocks, shield decorations, and a couple of other nice innovations.

Shield Pattern

This was expected for a very long time. Shields can now be decorated with patterns!

• For decoration you need a Shield and a Banner.
• The shield is decorated once.
• The new option is only available for regular ones.

Experimental content

• Made distinctive item colors with effects.
• The Mining Pot Shard can be found near the Desert Temple structure.
• Tweaked some textures for clay shards.
• Made some adjustments to the Brush:
• You can cast some spells.
• When you hover over the cursor, hints will be displayed.
• When clearing non-suspicious blocks, a normal sound is made.
• If a player breaks a block, then durability is not consumed, but is only lost when cleared.
• Fixed brush interruption.
• Burning spreads to bamboo wood and blocks from it.
• Suspicious blocks are not given out as items when falling on some blocks.
• Removed the generation of some plants in the new Cherry biome.
• Made some adjustments to the Hanging Sign:
• The number of characters has been reduced, but the Font has become larger.
• Arrows that hit Hanging Tablets are displayed correctly.
• The sound got louder.
• Some variants received certain sounds.
• The interface is correct.
• The drawing of the decorated Armor is displayed without error.
• Using Camels is now lag-free.
• Mobs of the appropriate size will land on Bamboo Rafts.

New changes

This time we made 17 changes, we will tell you about the most interesting ones.

• Sniffer
• Mob and Firebloom with seeds are available without experimentation.
• Added Summon Egg.
• Reproduction of two dinosaurs results in an egg
• A creature is born from an egg in ten minutes on a block of moss, but on another surface, the time is doubled.
• Looking for Firebloom and Jar seeds. This is a new plant, nothing is known about it yet.
• Firebloom
• If you use the Composter, you can get flour and seeds.
• Can be used for breeding bees, hens and parrots.
• It is an ingredient for a suspicious stew.
• The flower can be food for parrots in hens.
• Ability to customize the sound of the Sculk Sensor.
• Updated view of the world loading bar.
• Start screen loads faster.
• Pop-up text now appears during gameplay.

Version similarity

Gradually, functions from Java are transferred to Bedrock Edition. Main:

• Updated block placement.
• The façade of the structure slabs in the dark forest is made up of Cobblestone blocks.
• The piston can be combined with iron grate and glass panel.
• You can now decorate dead bush blocks with grass and moss.
• The hue of the black Terracotta blocks is identical to the computer version.

Corrected mistakes

• Torch blocks are displayed correctly.
• Removed the invisibility of the pistons.
• Cannot be damaged by falling into water.
• Fixed players falling through while jumping into the ground.
• When Crouching, you can place blocks again.
• Change of posture Armor stands Flight mode.
• Weighted pressure plate blocks work correctly.
• New wood textures on the facades of the Forest Mansion.
• The hitbox works without errors.
• Efficient and convenient logging on Bedraco Dedicated servers has appeared.
• Improved the animation of Capes and Elitre.
• Fixed generation of Reeds in water.
• Removed water highlighting when using ray tracing.
• The Ghast attack comes from the mouth.
• The interface works without errors.

Minecraft PE

Technical update

This section contains about 20 innovations that are aimed at improving the work of testers and developers of modifications for Minecraft.

Attention! Before installing, make copies of the worlds, as downloading the test version may disrupt the gameplay. We remind you that in order for new mobs and items to appear, you need to turn on the experimental game mode!
Minecraft PE for Android


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