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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
A regular test version is already available for download. In beta Minecraft, you can already use new content without Experimental Settings enabled, also changed Vibration levels, made 22 updates, and of course removed 11 bugs that affected the gameplay.

Slider for Experimental Content

New features and many highlights are now available without activating Experimental Features. The developers removed the switch when creating the world.


23 innovations available. Main:

Added sound for tabs.

• There is no need to squat when connecting Hanging Plates.
• The Sculk Sensor directs the signal to the blocks below it.
• Added coordinates to the death screen when the setting is enabled.
• Updated market buttons.
• The Calibrated Sculk Sensor has appeared, which can send signals under itself, activates in 1 second, and can pick up vibrations of up to 16 blocks.
• Changed vibration levels from different actions.
• There are 15 types in total:

1 - Any movement.
2 - Impact on the ground upon landing.
3 - Activation and use of items.
4 - Movements of creatures.
5 - Using Elytra.
7 - Putting on equipment.
7 - Dealing or receiving damage.
8 - Use of water and food.
9 - Closing blocks by type of doors, buttons.
10 - Opening blocks by type of chests and more.
11 - Editing blocks.
12 - Block damage.
13 - Placement of blocks.
14 - Spawn.
15 - Explosion or death of creatures and players.

Corrected mistakes

This time, 13 bugs were found and resolved, including:

• Correct sounds when brushing suspicious blocks.
• Fixed pixels on Clay Pots.
• The Jug model changes depending on the stage of growth.
• The texture of the Jug without errors.
• No damage is dealt when falling onto a Bubble Pillar.
• Corrected shadows from items held by the player in the hands.
• Sculk Shrieker cannot scream while underwater.
• Changed the look of doors.
• The Sniffer's head works properly.
• Removed errors when using Hanging sign.
• Hanging sign’s sound will be different when using wax.
• Dye or ink bag does not apply to Hanging sign that does not have any writing on it.

Technical updates

Made about 10 changes to the technical part of the game world. They only apply to add-on developers.

This is a test version, so we advise you to make copies of the game worlds so as not to lose progress!
Minecraft PE for Android


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