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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
The new release of Minecraft is already available for installation on your device. A lot of content from the test versions has been carried over to the full version, including the crouch function, armor decorations, biomes, and more.


• The player's height becomes 1.5 blocks.
• Getting stuck in low spaces activates the crouch and deactivates as soon as the player exits it.
• Can be configured via a switch.
• The camera gets smaller.
• While swimming, it can be activated if it is possible to sneak.

Cherry grove

• A new unique biome that grows trees with pink leaves.
• Generation occurs according to the type of Meadows.
• Pink dyes can be made from sakura leaves.
• There are various animals and bees.

Screen of death

• The new kind.
• It is still in the experimental stage, so you can return the old version.
• Perhaps there will be improvements.

Armor decoration function

• Can be changed using Templates.
• Features remain the same.
• Appearance changes apply to all parts.
• You can view the picture by hovering over the cursor.
• Drawings for Templates are generated in Chests around the world.
• Patterns differ in frequency of generation.
• Depending on the use of ores during the manufacture of Templates, colors and patterns will differ.

New Functionality of the Blacksmith Table

• Updated interface.
• There was a separate slot for Templates.
• Using materials, you can change the appearance of the armor.
• The template is a one-time material, but you can create a copy on the crafting table.

Netherite Gear

• To create, you need a Blacksmith Table with a Netherite Upgrade, which is located in the Nether Structures.
• In the chest near the Bastion Ruins, you can find at least two blocks.

Calibration Sculk Sensor

• Looking for signals and can distinguish vibration frequency.
• Created using a Sculk Sensor and three shards of Amethyst, this device operates by detecting Red Dust signals on one side.

Its sensitivity is limited solely to the strength of the Redstone signal, making this frequency the sole one that the sensor is capable of responding to.

Major changes

• Dozens of changes have been made that have been carried over from the test versions.
• Lots of synchronization with the PC version of the game.

Corrected mistakes

• Various bug fixes have been made and all have been carried over from test builds.

Technical update

There are 39 updates in this section, which are downloaded only by modders.
Minecraft PE for Android


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