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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Presented a new test updateMinecraft, which has a sufficient number of innovations. Now you can crawl in small openings. In addition to this feature, 28 more innovations and 6 improvements have been added. They also continue to hone the gameplay, remove bugs and all sorts of errors. And, of course, they made the game more stable and clear.


• A new ability to move that can be activated in the settings.
• The process is accompanied by individual animation.
• Steve starts to crawl if the opening is narrow in height one block.
• The speed of crawling is identical to sneaking, i.e. slow.
• If a place appears again, then the character gets up or sneaks, and begins to swim in the water.


• Changed the generation of Sculk blocks.
• Sounds, particles of snow and rain depend on the position of the camera.
• A player who has access rights to the vault can use the Carved Bookshelf, others can't.
• The Note Block now plays a new sound on Soul Soil.
• UI elements can now be scaled up.
• The text in the menu is shown the same on all platforms of the game.
• The date of conversion of imported worlds depends on the date of addition.
• Added vibrations for different interactions with objects.

Version similarity

• Synchronization of the computer version of the game and the pocket version continues. Important:
• When crafting a Boat, the Shovel is no longer required.
• Sticks were replaced with Planks when creating the Barrel.
• Cannot get Thread from the Web.
• Added drop from Zombie villagers after treatment.
• Llamas follow the player if they have Hay.
• Horses, Mules and Donkeys go for the Enchanted/Golden Carrot/Apple.

Corrected mistakes

This time, 22 bugs were fixed. Main:

• The virtual keyboard on consoles now works better.
• The player model is displayed in the middle when swimming.
• Fixed the location where projectiles and particles are released from the player.
• When crouching, the player does not move forward.
• Crouching is not available while riding.
• Fixed actions while Crouching.
• Villagers can plant Torches and Jugs.
• There is a correct display of the Boiler with water.
• The shovel breaks through Thick Dirt more slowly than a Pickaxe.
• Blocks are correctly placed on snow and grass.
• Mob blocks and shadows are correctly shown when using the Pumpkin on the game console.
• The shield does not flicker with RTX.
• When Steve sleeps the screen darkens correctly.
• Black marks are shown correctly on Maps.
• Fixed repeated dashing sounds of the Camel.
• Adjusted the function of boosting the jump on different blocks.
• Fixed inventory lock.
• Items are properly dropped from the inventory.
• Vibration changes when editing an item.
• Vibration is generated when the Anchor Charge is revived.

Technical update

Dozens of changes have been made, useful for addon and map creators.

Do not forget to make copies of the worlds when installing test versions of the game! This gives you a guarantee not to lose game progress.
Minecraft PE for Android


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