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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Download the latest test version of Minecraft for your Android device. This update has several changes related to finding recipes, as well as unlocking them. There are other innovations, which we wrote about in detail below.

Recipe search

There are a couple of innovations related to the Recipe Book.

• Entered letters in the search will display items that begin with these characters.
• Recipes that are not yet open will be visible in the results.

Recipe Unlock

• Now this is the main function and does not require experimentation.
• You can enable or disable this option.
• Notifications arrive correctly without any hiccups.


Within this category, a total of 7 fresh additions have been implemented. These include the following updates:

• The text now maintains proper readability even after modifications to the settings.
• A new break rate has been introduced, affecting all 188 blocks.
• The new command provides the flexibility to modify the minimum player count needed to advance through the night.
• Manual breakage of Shulker boxes has been expedited.
• When Cocoa Beans are encountered, falling blocks will now descend upon collision.
• Projectiles, similar to mobs, will now sink into Loose Snow.
• iOS devices will display a warning notification when encountering low memory conditions.


• Depending on the blocks, the sounds produced by a Camel's movements now vary.
• To enhance visibility, the held map is now positioned at the center of the screen.
• Bone meal can now be used in water to promote growth.
• Squatting in water is no longer possible.
• Potions can only be thrown in a forward trajectory.
• Bonfires in the Ruined Trail structure are extinguished by default.
• Rose Petals are affected by Bone Meal from the Dispenser.
• The screen dims correctly when the night is skipped.
• Name Tags now adjust their display based on the camera's direction.
• Users do not disappear after 1 entry into the world.
• Resolved an issue causing crashes during file installations on iOS devices.
• Out-of-memory notifications on different consoles have been resolved.
• Icons of elements are displayed without lags.
• Vibration loss over extended distances has been fixed.
• Cessation does not create vibrations.
• Warden and Sculk Sensor sense vibrations from fallen blocks.

Attention! Don't forget to make backup copies of the worlds when downloading test versions.
Minecraft PE for Android


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