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HopperShell Map

HopperShell Map
On the HopperShellmap, an unusual adventure awaits you, where you need to complete tasks, play, fight and much more. There is a plot here that tells about a group of friends and their enemies that they face.

Story line

You and your companions set off to the city in search of delicious sushi, but you are faced with an unexpected adventure: an axolotl and a defender, the ultimate masters of the basketball game, are persistently persuading you to join their team. Lively action is waiting for you with a set of "professional" voice lines that are voiced with humor and passion.

After a certain set of circumstances, you wake up in the locker room, passed out from an unexpected proposal. Rising and leaving the dark sewer tunnels, you find yourself in a situation where your friends stand on the opposite side of the field, representing the opposing team. At this time, a slightly unstable pilot oratorically talks about the upcoming match, adding a touch of absurdity to the atmosphere.

You'll have to take on your closest friends in this comical and intense game while avoiding 8 different catastrophes that can throw you into chaos.

HopperShell (1)

HopperShell (2)

HopperShell (3)


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