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Forest Base Map

Forest Base Map
The Forest Basemap will provide you with solid cover from enemies, as well as beautiful landscapes and interesting structures to explore.


This building contains the necessary things for the player, as well as a fireplace that can be controlled and activated.


You can rest in a sleeping bag. And nearby there is a warehouse with food and an oven to cook food.

House (1)


The finished portal to the Nether has a non-standard design.



Under the ground, you can find dark corridors that lead to the premises for prisoners.



The author built a small turtle farm. It is surrounded by a glass fence for animal safety. If it is destroyed, then the zombies can attack the turtles and destroy the cubs.

There is also a farm with animals and a vegetable garden.


A small camp for the villagers will be needed if you need something, such as sleep.


Here you can go fishing.


There is an entrance to the shelter. There is a bed and chests.


Through this mine you can get to the diamond ores.


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