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Breakout: The Prison Map

Breakout: The Prison Map
Embark on a thrilling quest for freedom in the "Breakout: The Prison" Minecraft map! This daring journey leads you through the toughest and riskiest prison in the pixelated realm, complete with intricate puzzles and traps that guarantee fresh challenges at every twist and turn.

Key Features:

1. Over 200 Command Blocks: Experience a map like never before with the incorporation of over 200 command blocks, enhancing gameplay and providing a unique and dynamic experience.

2. Intricate Secrets and Puzzles: Challenge your intellect as you explore the hidden mysteries of the prison and unravel complex puzzles. Each challenge brings you closer to freedom, but be prepared for surprises along the way.

3. Cool Graphics and Design: Immerse yourself in the visually stunning world of "Breakout: The Prison." The map stands out with its cool graphics and meticulously designed environment, making your escape journey both thrilling and visually captivating.

Get ready for a pulse-pounding adventure as you break free from the toughest prison in Minecraft. Download the map now and see if you have what it takes to outsmart the challenges!

Screenshots below offer a sneak peek into the thrilling visuals and design of the map.

Breakout: The Prison (1)
Breakout: The Prison (2)
Breakout: The Prison (3)
Breakout: The Prison (4)
Breakout: The Prison (5)


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