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Snow City Resort Map

Snow City Resort Map
Explore the enchanting Snow City Resort, a meticulously crafted creative map featuring colossal structures. Each element is meticulously designed, showcasing the builder's artistic flair. Here's a glimpse of what this snowy wonderland has to offer:

Key Structures:

1. Mansion Resort: A grand structure perched on a small peak, offering spa areas, gardens, and elegantly adorned rooms.
2. Emerald Castle: The largest edifice, meticulously detailed both externally and within, majestically positioned on a small hill.
3. Snow Citadel: A futuristic fantasy citadel crafted from quartz, ice, and crystal, surrounded by houses and towers.
4. Zeppelin: A decorative airship near the citadel, adding flair to the skyline.
5. Giant Seahorse Sculpture: A stunning fountain adorned with seahorses and lush vegetation.

Map Features:

• Creativity Unleashed: Constructed entirely by hand, the map is a testament to creative prowess and attention to detail.
• Biome Enhancements: Modified biomes, primarily snow-themed, provide a captivating backdrop to the structures.
• Survival Provisions: Proximity to essential biomes ensures player survival in this transformed landscape.


• Optimized Download: The map size has been reduced for easier downloading, without compromising the grandeur of the structures. Unnecessary chunks have been removed, resetting upon installation.

Embark on an adventure through Snow City Resort, where artistic ingenuity meets a winter wonderland.

Screenshots Below

Snow City Resort (1)

Snow City Resort (2)

Snow City Resort (3)

Snow City Resort (4)

Snow City Resort (5)


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