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The White Room Map

The White Room Map
Looking for a unique and well-crafted puzzle map with a twist? Your search ends here! The White Room is a detective-style puzzle map that offers an original concept to challenge your skills. In this intriguing adventure, you'll find yourself in a small apartment, faced with the task of answering questions about a mysterious individual.

Your mission? To escape the confines of the white room, you must successfully uncover the answers to the questions posed. The catch is, all the answers are cleverly concealed within the compact space of the room. It's a test of your detective prowess to locate the correct answers while avoiding any potential contradictions.

"The White Room" is a brief yet entertaining map, featuring a captivating concept that won't take up too much of your time. Compatible with Minecraft versions 1.17 and above, this puzzle map promises a delightful challenge. Why not give it a shot and unravel the mysteries within?


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