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Zombie Gun Arena Map

Zombie Gun Arena Map
Welcome to the heart-pounding action of the Zombie Gun Arena map, a thrilling survival game that pits you against relentless hordes of zombies. Dive into the chaos, choose your game mode, and team up with friends as you fight for survival, upgrade your arsenal, and face wave after wave of the undead.

Key Features:

1. Unique Gameplay: Immerse yourself in the intense world of Zombie Gun Arena, where your survival skills are put to the test. Kill zombies, earn levels, and use them strategically to progress your character.

2. Lobby and Menus: Start your journey in the lobby, a central hub where you can buy upgrades and customize the game. The host has the power to set the game's difficulty and mode, while players prove their readiness before the action begins. All interactions are seamlessly managed through special menus accessible on the hotbar.

3. Personal Menu: Navigate the game with ease using the personal menu. The host's menu, represented by a gears icon, allows for essential game configurations. The blue book item on the hotbar opens the player's menu, providing access to crucial options. Confirm your readiness and gear up for the impending zombie onslaught.

4. Diverse Game Modes:

• Apocalypse Mode: Survive in a moderate-sized arena, facing various zombie types that continuously spawn. Your goal is simple: outlast the undead and earn XP by eliminating them.

• Capture the Point: Occupy specific zones while fending off zombie hordes in this strategic game mode. Team coordination is key to success.

Game Modes

Game Modes (1)

5. Weapons and Upgrades:

• Chainsaw: Paying homage to Doom, the chainsaw is a deadly weapon with a unique twist—it replenishes ammo when used to dispatch zombies.

• Big Gun: Start with a pistol, your default weapon with infinite ammo. Spend earned levels to unlock and purchase more potent firearms, each requiring ammunition available for purchase.



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