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Mini Game Adventure Map V2

Mini Game Adventure Map V2
Mini Game Adventure Map is a collection of maps that contains four interesting mini-games. Also on the map is an in-game store where you can purchase various items and weapons for earned points and gold. All maps are well designed and allow you to enjoy the game in the world of Minecraft.

What games are available?

1. Endless zombie survival
2. Hordes Waves
3. Basic parkour
4Zombie Arena

At the start of the game, you get 10 XP and 5 Gold, which you can use to buy some weapons in the shop.

1. Zombie Arena

This game consists of five levels in the form of an arena. Each arena contains zombies that need to be killed in 100 seconds, after the time runs out, the surviving players move on to the next level. With each arena, the difficulty increases. Upon completion of a level, players are rewarded with XP.
Screenshots of the game below.


2. Endless zombie survival

The goal of this game is to survive with zombies for as long as possible. The whole game takes place in the forest, in the middle of which there is a wooden house. This house slows down the zombies, so you can use it to your advantage.

Every 50 seconds the player will receive 5 XP. Therefore, you must live as long as possible to get more points.

Screenshot of the map with the Endless zombie survival mini-game:


3. Hordes Waves

Your task in this game is to destroy all creatures to start the next wave. For each stage, you get XP. To go to the next stage, you need to open the gate, which is blocked.

Find the password by exploring the area and unlock the doors.

If the player dies, he will not receive a reward.

Gameplay screenshot from Hordes Waves:


4. Basic Parkour

Many players can participate in this game. To get points, you need to complete all levels of parkour. You can interfere with each other to perform tricks.

To go to the next level of parkour you need to press the button to move. Each level completed gives 10 XP.

Screenshot of the map with the game Basic Parkour:


Lobby with buttons:



Here you can choose for yourself the equipment with which you will play for the received gold and XP.

There are three categories of equipment available: Armor, Weapons and Other, including 3D weapons.

From the armor you can choose different types of armor.

In the "Weapon" tab there is a large selection of devices: a sword, a shield, a bow and other types.

The Utility section contains various items, such as books, 3D weapons, and also here you can change gold for XP or vice versa.

In addition, here you can buy yourself some kind of ability. It can be activated or deactivated.


Here you can choose the difficulty level of the game and add a gold icon to the screen.

To start playing, click "Select Game".

Available abilities:

Nature Tank gives an increase in health.
Metal Skin - the player becomes fire resistant.
Assassin - Gives strength 2 and speed 2nd level.
Killing Spree - When a dead zombie is present, the player's speed increases.
Virtual Hings gives the player the ability to slowly fall.
Healer gives the player a level 1 regeneration effect.

You can control the effects by turning them on and off. When turned off, they are not deleted.


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