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The Slender Man Adventure Map

The Slender Man Adventure Map
The Slender Man Adventure Map

Do you know who Slender Man is? For those who do not know, this is a fictional scary character with outstretched body limbs. This is a slender man who looks like a very tall, pale humanoid with unnaturally long, bending limbs of the body and sometimes black flexible tentacles or appendages growing from the back, also one of his most striking features is absolute facelessness. He wears a black funeral suit with a white shirt, which could be mistaken for a government agent.

For those who nevertheless know who he is and is partly his fan, we present a new map which is also called Slenderman.

The idea for this map was borrowed from the original version of the Slenderman game.

Please note that this map has a large number of different Jump Scares and is generally a horror map. So if you like thrill, horror, danger, and action, then the new horror map is exactly what you need.

The Slender Man (1)

The main goal of each player in this map is to find the pages scattered throughout the map. In general, in order to win, the player needs to find ten pages until the Slenderman finds you and kills you.

Clickable Pages

Background: You went into the forest in search of the lost pages and you feel like someone is watching you, and you are right. Slenderman is hunting you, whose goal is to catch up with you and kill you, so hurry up and do not stop. Collect all the pages before the slender man catches up and kills you!

For those who have not seen the slender man before, you can see it below:

The Slender Man (2)

The good news is that this map allows you to play with your friends. We recommend that you invite as many friends as possible with you on this dangerous adventure. The more players the more chances that you will quickly find the lost pages and escape. For those who love real difficulties and challenges, we recommend playing in single-player mode.

Pages are clickable. To do this, just click on it or click with the left mouse button (if the first click does not work, click again):

Clickable Pages (1)


Follow the rules for better experience and pleasant emotions.

1. Do not use cheats;
2. Adjust the sound at 70-100%;
3. Turn off the music and turn on the maximum other sounds;
4. Please do not use textures from blindness;
5. Adjust the brightness to 10%!

Other screenshots of the game:

Other screenshots of the game (1)

Other screenshots of the game (2)

Other screenshots of the game (3)


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