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Apocalipsis Map

Apocalipsis Map
Apocalipsis Map

Do you like fighting monsters like Zombies? If so, and you are already ready to fight these monsters, then we present you with a new map called Apocalipsis. This world is under the control of zombies, almost everything in this world is extinct and only you can fight zombies, fighting for your own life. This is a very interesting and exciting map for those who love various battles, as well as for those who have good experience in survival. This map will also appeal to both experienced players and beginners, as it was said earlier, this is a great place to gain experience from various survival challenges. Fight to survive!

The idea of creating this map was borrowed from such famous films and games as The last of us and Resident evil! At the moment this is a test version of the map, but in future updates, more different events will be added to the game.

We draw your attention to the fact that the player's character, when interacting or performing any actions, will show you his thoughts and say something.

Apocalipsis Map

You play as the main character named Steve, who is one of the survivors of the terrible and dark times of the apocalypse. Your main goal is to find a scientist whose name is Fred. Most recently, Fred disappeared and cannot get in touch with you, so you decided to go in search of him. But don't forget that you need to be careful.

Attention: We recommend that you use a pack of realistic textures for a better experience, and also do not use different addons that can somehow affect the behavior of monsters and other mobs. Also, we do not recommend actively moving when you get the effect of slowness.

And the last thing, as mentioned earlier, after each action, your character will show you his emotions and thoughts in the form of text.


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