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Squid Game Map

Squid Game Map
I hope you have already watched this hype series Squid Game, because this add-on is about that. This is still a beta version and not all of these killer rounds have been added on Squid Game map. But first Red Light, Green Light, and the Glass Bridge, has already been added in BetaStage. So pick and play these non-childish games.

Squid Game (4)

Playing on this map, you can choose a hero that you like or for whom you worried in the series. At this stage, you can choose between:

  • Player 067 - Kang Sae-Byok
  • Player 456 - Song Ki Hoon
  • Player 199 - Abdul Ali

Squid Game (1)

Squid Game (2)

Squid Game (3)

You can choose your own character by wearing the appropriate clothes for this game in the Squid Game Jacket.

Squid Game (5)

You will have the choice to play the game. So far, this is only two games Red light, Green light and Glass Bridge. But wait for the sequel, it's worth it.


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