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Hexa Parkour Map

Hexa Parkour Map
Embark on a thrilling parkour adventure with Hexa Parkour, a meticulously designed map featuring approximately 40 distinct parkour tracks. Each track boasts a unique theme, immersing players in environments ranging from desert landscapes to fiery lava fields. The map strikes a balance with a medium-level difficulty, ensuring both challenge and enjoyment.

As you traverse the intricately crafted parkour courses, the map encourages strategic thinking by prompting you to plan your route before making each jump.

While the estimated completion time hovers around 40 minutes, the map invites players to strive for faster times, adding an element of competition to the mix.

Hexa Parkour (1)

Hexa Parkour (2)

Hexa Parkour (3)

Hexa Parkour (4)


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