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Survival The Zombie Map

Survival The Zombie Map
Welcome to the Survival The Zombie map, a thrilling minigame that brings tower defense to a whole new level! Your blows are the only thing standing between the relentless hordes of enemies and your precious villagers.


1. Diverse Enemies and Bosses:

• A wide variety of enemies and bosses await, each with unique interactions.
• No copycats here – every enemy is an original creation!

2. In-Game Guides:

• Four comprehensive books guide you through the ins and outs of each enemy.
• All the information you need to survive is right at your fingertips.

3. Exciting Elements:

• Gadgets to enhance your defense.
• Epic boss fights that will test your skills.
• Explore the best Minecraft Bedrock enemy addons.

4. Immersive Soundtracks:

• Immerse yourself in the zombie apocalypse with engaging soundtracks.

5. Playability and Cooperation:

• Brace yourself for hours of gameplay and teamwork.


1. Easy: Recommended for solo players.
2. Normal: Ideal for a duo.
3. Hardcore: Suitable for 2-3 players.
4. Extreme: Gather 3-5 players for a challenging experience.
5. Impossible: Form a team of 6 players to face the odds.
6. Ultra: A whopping 13 players needed for this level.
7. Legendary: Round up 20 players for an epic battle.
8. Lunatic: Prepare a massive team of 30-40 players for the ultimate challenge.

Survival The Zombie (1)

Survival The Zombie (2)

Survival The Zombie (3)
Survival The Zombie Map


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