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The Pizza At Night Map

The Pizza At Night Map
When hunger strikes in the dead of night, what would you do to satisfy those late-night cravings? The Pizza At Night map throws you into a thrilling adventure where a quest for pizza becomes a fight for survival. Here's a glimpse into the mouth-watering madness:

Map Overview: It's late, you're hungry, and your grandpa is fast asleep. The only hope for a delicious pizza lies outside, but little do you know, danger lurks in the darkness.

Your task is to retrieve the pizza and the key without falling prey to the lurking monster. It's a race against time to make it back home safely.

Key Features and Gameplay:

1. Midnight Cravings: The storyline revolves around a late-night quest for pizza. John, the pizza guardian, directs you to climb down a ladder, setting the stage for a thrilling adventure.

2. Trap Unveiled: As you venture out, you realize it's not just a simple pizza run – a monstrous surprise awaits. Uncover the trap, find the key, grab the pizza, and make a dash for safety before the lurking monster catches up.

3. Hide and Seek: The monster is relentless, and when the alarm blares, it signals danger. Seek refuge in wardrobes strategically placed around, and outsmart the monster to survive.

4. Disturbing Discoveries: Explore the apartments, but beware – disturbing notes scattered within add an eerie touch to the atmosphere. Unravel the mystery as you navigate through the challenges.

Survival Tip: Use your wits and agility to outmaneuver the monster. When the alarm sounds, find a wardrobe to hide in until the danger passes. You have only one shot at making it back home with your precious pizza.

Can You Make It? – Screenshots Await:

The Pizza At Night

The Pizza At Night (1)


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