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Zombie Base Defense Map

Zombie Base Defense Map
On Zombie Base Defense map you will have to defend the core of your base from waves of zombies all night long, alone or with friends. To do this, you will have access to various improvements for your base, as well as the purchase of good equipment and an automatic turret.

The main goal is to prevent the zombies from reaching the core of the base, otherwise the game will be lost. You can play alone or with friends.

Don't forget to build walls, buy defensive towers in the survivor camp, upgrade your base core, and get food between waves to increase your chances of survival.


You are an engineer who left civilization before the massive zombie virus epidemic. And you found a way to fight this infection in the form of a special core that destroys the infection. But zombies always find their way to your base and you need to protect the core at all costs, otherwise humanity will perish.


Zombie Base Defense (1)

Zombie Base Defense (2)

Zombie Base Defense (3)

Zombie Base Defense (4)


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