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Block Hunt Map

Block Hunt Map
The Block Hunt map is a mini-game in which you have to go through a fun and exciting adventure. There will be players on the map who will hide in the color of the blocks and a hunter who will destroy all the blocks. The hunter is randomly selected from among the participants.

The rules on the Block Hunt map are simple. Players are divided into two teams: those who are hiding are hiders, and those who are looking are seekers.

If you play as an ordinary participant, then your goal is to find a secluded place behind the block to hide there and hope that the hunter will not get to you. Use all your abilities. To hide, you need to sneak up so that you are at the same height as the block.

Block Hunt (1)

If you play as the Hunter, then your goal is to destroy all the blocks and thereby kill all participants in the game.

The hiders team starts playing first, as they need time to find a block behind which they can hide.

In fact, the player becomes a block so that the hunter would not notice him.

Since ordinary players cannot fight, they simply run away to escape the seekers.

After the player is killed, he will be able to watch the game from above and enjoy this spectacle in this crazy world of Minecraft Bedrock.

Block Hunt (2)

There is also a map - FS Treasure Hunt. It differs from the previous one. The motives of the map are taken from the Roblox mini-game. You must find and dig up all the treasure chests in the area.

You will have some equipment to help you on this adventure. Use Fireworks to teleport to another location. If you suddenly want to know the meaning of a subject or a rule, use the book. A user guide with rules will open there.

The map has a large territory, so you won't get to know it so quickly. Explore everything thoroughly to find all the treasures. In addition, you can play with your friends to make it more fun.


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