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Liberia City v7 Map

Liberia City v7 Map
Friends, if you are not familiar with this map yet then you should see it. Liberia City v7 is an incredible city map, the seventh part of this series of maps. A Christmas update was added to it, the city began to shine anew. Enjoy the gameplay while walking around this wonderful city and discover many interesting things.


This map contains the unusual city of Liberia and the second Gravel. Each of the centers has its own unique characteristics.

Life is in full swing in these cities, there are many different locations, shops, banks and other buildings that are in every ones.

You definitely need to research everything in detail in order to discover something new for yourself.

A lot of work has gone into creating the map, so appreciate it.

Details about each city.

The first is Liberia. There are many interesting areas in this city. There are shops, factories, an airport and a port, a metro, a nuclear power plant and a bunch of other useful places.

This photo shows a map of the city and a metro map, so as not to get lost)

Liberia City v7 (1)

Liberia City v7 (2)

The Gravel City - recently added, also has many buildings, including various shops and other recreational facilities.

The map of this city is below.

Liberia City v7 (3)

Next, a few photos of the map from different locations.

Liberia City v7 (4)

Liberia City v7 (5)

Liberia City v7 (6)

Liberia City v7 (7)


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