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Parkour Christmas Map

Parkour Christmas Map
Holidays are already on the nose and map developers have started updating their versions for winter ones. This also happened with the Map Parkour Update Christmas. This is a map that will test your parkour skills. Up to eight difficulty levels, each room has its own excellent decorations and themes. It is very pleasant to play on it.


There are 8 levels on the map. As the level rises, the difficulty of the game increases.

The lobby on the map is decorated for the winter holidays; there you will find Christmas decorations.

lobby on the map

Level 1 has a Christmas theme, New Year's decorations and room decorations, add a festive mood. The level itself is easy.

Parkour Christmas (1)

Level 2 has a Halloween atmosphere and matching design blocks.

Parkour Christmas (2)

Level 3 is already more difficult than the previous ones. The design of the room is very interesting in the Pixel Art style.

Parkour Christmas (3)

Level 4 is presented in the form of purple crystals. Beautiful trees, which are all in crystals, add a great mood.

Level 5 is one of the most difficult. The room itself has a Stone Age appearance.

Level 6 looks like a mushroom.

7 level not everyone will be able to pass, but worth a try. There is a volcano on this part of the map.

In addition, the final 8th level.

Play and complete all levels, enjoy the map.


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