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High Effort Parkour Map

High Effort Parkour Map
If you like to overcome obstacles and go through any difficulties then download the High Effort Parkourmap for Minecraft. This is a unique place where you have to go through the most difficult obstacle courses, but that's not all. The blocks have special functions that will prevent you from reaching the finish line. For example, a carbon block imposes a slowdown effect on the player. This map will be a great place for you to have fun and hone your skills.

Details about the map

There are 6 levels on this map, 3 of them were recently added. Each level has its own difficulty and task. Besides the obstacles, there are also blocks that add extra complexity. There are different blocks on the map. In the future, it is planned to add more properties with different blocks to complicate the game.

Only one player can play on the map.

Description of blocks

  • The red block destroys the player.
  • The blue block adds speed.
  • The green block makes you jump.
  • A block of white color imposes a levitation effect.
  • The carbon block gives the player a slowdown effect.

High Effort Parkour (1)

High Effort Parkour (2)

High Effort Parkour (3)

High Effort Parkour (4)


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