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Megazi Island RTX Map

Megazi Island RTX Map
A small map with obstacles called Megazi Island RTX will give you interesting levels to pass in the parkour genre. Five different levels that can be completed quickly and easily if you play well. This version is designed for users with a ray-traced graphics card, it will improve the visual experience of the passage.

What awaits you on the map?

Level 1: Lava
This level is medium in difficulty, you will need to carefully pass-through obstacles in order not to fall into the lava pool.

Megazi Island RTX Map (1)

Level 2: Labyrinth
Not very difficult, should pass without problems.

Megazi Island RTX Map (2)

Level 3: Looking for the secret button
To complete this game, you need to find a secret button that is hidden somewhere and survive.

Megazi Island RTX Map (3)

Level 4: Carnival Archery
If you have archery experience and it is good enough, then you can pass this round the first time.

Megazi Island RTX Map (4)

Level 5: Big parkour
This level will make you a real professional. Lots of stairs to climb, don't give up.

Megazi Island RTX Map (5)

Device requirements:
RTX graphics card
Minecraft: Bedrock Windows 10/11
8GB RAM device.


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