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TDM Arena Kit PVP Map

TDM Arena Kit PVP Map
The TDM Arena Kit PVPmap is perfect for Minecraft competitions. Two teams will fight for victory, so you need to get the maximum number of kills in order to earn the most points. At the beginning of the battle, each user chooses his own set of items that is suitable and convenient for his strategy.

Rules of the game

• Teleport through the portal or speak to the NPC to start the battle.
• In order to return to the lobby, use the red paint.
• The game starts when a minimum of 2 players join, a maximum of 10 players.
• Waiting time 60 seconds.
• The team can be seen after the start.
• All the necessary game data is located above the quick access panel.
• Points can be earned for killing an opponent.
• To win, you need to collect 20 points.
• Round time is 10 minutes.
• The team with the most points wins.
• All players are given a standard set of Classic, after death it can be changed.

There are 5 sets of items available in the game: Archer, Beast, Classic, Robber and Wizard. Each class has its own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is important to be able to choose classes for your style and for the character of the enemy.

TDM Arena Kit PVP

TDM Arena Kit PVP (1)


• Includes bow with infinite arrows, wooden sword with knockback effect, full leather gear, Arrow with speed increase and slowdown.

Archer Kit


• The set consists of an iron sword, bow, arrows in the amount of 8 pieces. The player wears diamond boots, a leather helmet, a Chainmail breastplate, and iron leggings.

Classic Kit


• Diamond sword with Sharpness level 2 Enchantment.
• Diamond equipment.
• But it has a slow effect.

Beast Kit


• Weak shield and iron axe.
• Crossbow with Enchantment Peircing level 3.
• Arrows. quantity of 8 pieces.
• The player is wearing iron boots, leather greaves, and a golden helmet.

Pillager Kit


• Has an explosive potion of 5 pieces; Level 2 Speed Potion, Level 2 Regeneration Potion, Level 2 Strength Potion, and Level 4 Slowness Potion.
• The entire set will be restored within seven seconds.

In the center of the arena there is a point where you can restore health.
There is a respawn system through a button or automatic within 15 seconds.

Wizard Kit

Map Recommendations

• Only from 2 players.
• Minimal knowledge about PVP battles.
• Minecraft version 1.19.50 +
• Set the brightness to 60% or more.
• Play only in Adventure Mode.

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