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Achievement Origins World Map

Achievement Origins World Map
On the Achievement Origins Worldmap, you can have an interesting time in Minecraft. To earn a reward, you will encounter a series of tasks that require your completion. For example, you need to spend 24 minutes underwater. Well, how are you ready for such achievements?


• Contrast shaders.
• There is a day change mode.
• There are 122 achievements in total, 6 of which are new:
• Here are some unique tasks that await you to earn a well-deserved reward:
• Dive into the depths: Immerse yourself underwater for 24 minutes each day, embracing the company of aquatic life.
• Survivor's feast: Survive on a diet of dried seaweed alone for three consecutive days, testing your resilience and adaptability.
• Unearth the hidden riches: Embark on a treasure hunt by obtaining a map from a skilled cartographer and navigate your way to a concealed structure brimming with valuable treasures.
• Master of time: Show your dedication by spending a hundred in-game days, skillfully passing the hours, and experiencing the full passage of time in your virtual world.
• The following require multiplayer mode:
• Diamonds. Throw diamonds at your friend.
• Time for Stew. Feed your playmate a suspicious pottage.


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Achievement Origins World (2)

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