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OneChunk New Depths Map

OneChunk New Depths Map
Welcome to the OneChunk New Depthsmap, where you have to go through an interesting task - to survive exclusively on one chunk. Do you think you can do this kind of survival skill? Added new types of caves to the map such as Deep Dark Caves, Lush Caves and Drip Stone Caves. Try to test yourself as a rescuer of the worlds from the kawaii paws of a dragon and a hero who defeated a villain in dark caves.

For an even more fun adventure, invite your friends to the game, because several players can participate on this map at once.

At the beginning of the game, you will be in a world where there is only one tree and a house with a bed. However, your task is to study everything thoroughly, be sure to go down into the caves.

OneChunk New Depths (1)
OneChunk New Depths (2)
OneChunk New Depths (3)

In these dark caves, you'll find the hostile boss mob Blaze and the Carmine Forest. After fighting and killing this infernal mob, you will receive fire rods, the main element for opening the portal.

OneChunk New Depths (4)
OneChunk New Depths (5)

After a long battle with the boss, you will have a new mission to save the world the End, which was captured by the fire-breathing Dragon of the End.

Request! Do not destroy the manufacturers of the world. Since they are not created, they are re-generated.

The map is really cool and requires special skills. If you liked it, write your impression in the comments. Thank you in advance.


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