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The Red Sculk (Horror) Map

The Red Sculk (Horror) Map
The Red Sculk map will take you on a horror adventure with a dark storyline. You went for diamonds in a cave where entry was forbidden. This cave is guarded by monsters, and they are very sensitive to sound, so you need to be as careful as possible.


The protagonist Krahaan went to an abandoned cave for jewelry. But there are many Red Sculks in this cave that awaken the Wardens.

Game process

Explore the dense forest to find an abandoned cave. On the way, you will hear strange sounds that will create a tense atmosphere.

There are a lot of dangerous mobs in the forest, so get ready for a fight. And then you will find parkour.

Your main goal is to find diamonds, but for every noise Wardens will be summoned, which will complicate your adventure.

The most dangerous location will be the cave. there are Red Sculks everywhere, who can pick up any rustle and summon the most dangerous creatures in the game.

So, explore with extreme caution.


• Don't use cheats.
• Turn on Adventure Mode.
• Visibility set to 70-100%
• Don't destroy blocks.


The Red Sculk (1)

The Red Sculk (2)

The Red Sculk (3)

The Red Sculk (4)


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