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The Plants Vs Zombies LawnWars Map

The Plants Vs Zombies LawnWars Map
The Plants Vs Zombies LawnWarsmap has similar mechanics to the popular game of the same name. You will be in the role of a plant that will protect your house from a horde of monsters. There will be all the same elements as in the original, only slightly adapted to Minecraft.

Current Plants


• Attacks with pea kernels.
• Damage 20 units.


• Spawns a sun that can be used.


• Deals 40 damage per second.

Cherry Bomb

• Explodes.
• Damage 1000 units in range.


• Damage 40 units.
• Attacks with a double pot.


• Attacks with peas, which imposes a slowing effect on the enemy.


• Consumes zombies.

Laser Bean

• The laser deals 50 damage to all zombies.

Phat beet

• Attacks with a sonic wave, dealing 25 damage in an area of effect.


• Attacks with a large projectile.
• A contact hit takes 80 damage to an enemy, and 35 damage in a splash zone.


Health and strength increase in order. The latest is the most powerful and tenacious.

1. Basic
2. Zombie with a flag
3. Zombie with a cone
4. Zombie with a bucket
5. Zombie with a brick
The Plants Vs Zombies LawnWars Map


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