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Skyblock Edition 1.20 Map

Skyblock Edition 1.20 Map
The 1.20 Skyblock Editionmap takes you to an island where you have to survive and evolve from limited resources, complete quests, mine materials and more. The difficulty will be that there is only one tree sharp in the sky, but this should not scare you. Show your skills and create a prosperous world.


In this world, all the islands are made of new blocks that have become available in the latest version of Minecraft.
You will find 4 chests on each piece of land. They have a workbook. This will be your main goal - to complete the entire quest. In the same chests you will find some things that will help you develop at the start.


Skyblock Edition (1)

Skyblock Edition (2)

Skyblock Edition (3)

Skyblock Edition (4)


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