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Sticky Parkour Map

Sticky Parkour Map
The Sticky Parkourmap is based on honey block obstacles, so it requires special knowledge from the players to overcome all the difficulties. You are waiting for a variety of types of jumps and barriers that have sticky properties. Therefore, to pass the levels you need to think over every maneuver, speed, and height.


Sticky Parkour comprises three distinctive levels brimming with enjoyable and progressively demanding trials that intensify as you advance.

Each level showcases a unique map design that combines different parkour techniques, including sprint jumps, wall bounces, and complex momentum maneuvers. All this creates an exciting and challenging level of difficulty that will be a real test for your skills.

Each level presents a unique set of obstacles and tasks, carefully curated to provide an engaging experience that tests the players' abilities and keeps them hooked.

Regardless of your level of experience, in Sticky Parkour you will always be captivated by the atmosphere and interested in improving your parkour skills.


Sticky Parkour (1)

Sticky Parkour (2)

Sticky Parkour (3)


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