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Anime Fusion Add-on 1.20+

Anime Fusion Add-on 1.20+
The Anime Fusionaddon will take you on a grand adventure into a world where the vibrant universes of your favorite anime merge together. Seize the chance to embody these legendary figures, effortlessly channeling their awe-inspiring capabilities.
Furthermore, you'll be granted entry to their unique equipment, relics, and armaments, all within your command.
For correct operation, activate the experimental settings.


• In the assembly of all the main characters of popular anime.
• Integrated new sets of equipment, additional abilities, and powerful weapons.

Unleash legendary powers: Each character has their own unique set of moves and skills, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in an authentic gaming experience inspired by the original material.

Fight in epic boss fights: test your strength against the most dangerous villains such as Frieza, Dio Brando and Akaza. Can you become a real hero by accepting the challenge and saving your world from this terrible threat?


Anime Fusion (1)

Anime Fusion (2)

Anime Fusion (3)

Anime Fusion (4)


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