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Treeminator's Great Pirate Ship Add-on

Treeminator's Great Pirate Ship Add-on
Ever thought about owning a unique vessel capable of conquering endless waters, exploring the mysteries of the seas and oceans? In real life, such a feat requires considerable financial effort, but in the world of Minecraft, everything is much simpler.

With the Treeminator's Great Pirate Shipaddon, you don't have to spend long hours accumulating wealth - just a few moments, and you will have your own pirate ship in front of you.

There are two ship options to choose from, each with unique features. The spacious decks allow for a wide range of players to be on board, while the carefully thought-out design creates a unique atmosphere.


• Made in medieval style.
• Number of seats: 3
• Purpose: trade and travel.

Treeminator's Great Pirate Ship (1)

Treeminator's Great Pirate Ship (2)


• Made in medieval style.
• Accommodates many people.
• Purpose: trade and military operations.
• Inside there are many details in the interior.

A complete overview of all the details awaits you in the game itself.
Treeminator's Great Pirate Ship Add-on


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