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Mini Apocalypse Add-on 1.20+

Mini Apocalypse Add-on 1.20+
If you want to add an apocalypse theme to the world of Minecraft, then we suggest installing the Mini Apocalypse addon. This mod contains more than 40 themed items, including weapons and food. Now you can destroy zombies using Baseball Bat or Machete and many other melee or ranged tools. In addition, you can quickly heal with medications or add energy to yourself using an adrenoline syringe.

Make sure experimental settings are enabled.

All new tools and weapons can be created in survival mode.
There are no new creatures in this mod, but now all evil spirits can be in the sun without harm to themselves.


Mini Apocalypse (1)

Mini Apocalypse (2)

Mini Apocalypse (3)

Mini Apocalypse (4)


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