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The Batman Add-on 1.18+

The Batman Add-on 1.18+
Are there any Batman fans here? Then this supplement is for you. The Batman by Eyebagsaddon adds various items, costumes, weapons and other elements of the superhero and his friends to the open spaces of the Minecraft cubic universe. All these things will help you fight monsters and destroy all mobs.

Note. For the add-on to work properly, activate the experimental options in the world settings. Use ID Cards to make the modification work in multiplayer mode or in single player mode.

For more details, you can watch the video.

What does this addon provide?

Batman costumes:

• Classic suit
• Year Zero Suit
• Batman (Arkham Origins)
• Arkham Knight Batman

Bat Suits (1)

Bat Suits (2)

Bat Suits (3)

Bat Suits (4)

Costumes of Batman's friends

• Nightwing
• Little Red Riding Hood
• Red Robin costume
• ROBIN (Damian Wayne)

Bat Family Suits (1)

Bat Family Suits (2)

Bat Family Suits (3)


• Escrima Nightwing's wands

Deals 6 damage

Nightwing Escrima Sticks

• Pistols of Little Red Riding Hood

Deals 8 damage

Red Hood Pistols

• Staff of the Red Robin

Deals 7 damage

Red Robin Staff

• Damien Wayne Robin Katana

Deals 8 damage

Damien Wayne Robin Katana

Items Batman

• Batarang

Deals 4 damage
You can have up to 8 pieces


• Improved Batarang

Deals 6 damage
Deals 3 damage when used in melee combat
You can have up to 4 pieces

Enhanced Batarang

• Ricochet Batarang

Deals 5 damage
Knocks back mobs
You can have up to 2 pieces

Ricochet Batarang

• Explosive Batarang

Has the power of explosion 3
Doesn't break blocks
You can have up to 3 pieces

Explosive Batarang

• Smoke bomb

You can have up to 4 pieces
Blinds Players with an Enemy ID Card.

Smoke Pellet

• Cat pistol

Not active for Players with an Enemy ID card.

Grapnel Gun

• Rebreather

Grants the ability to breathe underwater.
Not active for Players with an Enemy ID Card.


• Freeze Grenade

You can have up to 3 pieces
Can be used to freeze water for a few minutes.

Freeze Grenade

• Explosive gel with detonator

Requires 2 ammo.
Destroys a new block from the Old Stone Blocks addon, as well as glass.
To reload, you need canisters of explosive gel.

• Canisters of explosive gel

Required for explosive gel.

• Additional Items

Bat Cape
Elytra with which you can fly.

The expansion will include updated sneak and crouch animations.

To land smoothly - press the button to sneak in the air.

This ability lasts for a short time, so be aware of this when falling.

Old stone block

Destroyed with explosive gel.
This is a custom block, can be used for building on the map.

Also in addition will be new cars.

1. Batmobile
2. Batcycle

Stay tuned, more items coming soon.


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