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Zombie Apocalypse Mod for Minecraft PE

Zombie Apocalypse Mod for Minecraft PE
Those players who love the theme of zombies, weapons and the apocalypse will definitely like the selection of Zombie Apocalypse mods. Various monsters will appear in your world, which have been modified and become even more dangerous. But to survive in such a world you need the right equipment. We have prepared for you several additions that will make your life in the game more interesting and active.

Zombies and weapons

This mod will diversify your survival in the world of Minecraft and add more types of zombies. These dead will become much more dangerous because they will become faster, and their damage will be more powerful.

To cope with such mutants, you will need modern and powerful weapons. look in your inventory and you will find the right equipment to defend yourself and destroy all the critters.

By the way, you can try a new food - canned food.

Find chests with things to get good items.

Fighting zombies

Imagine that scientists have been working on a secret virus for many years. But there was a leak in the laboratory and all people on the planet became infected and mutated. Can you survive in the new zombie world in Minecraft with this mod?

The new zombies are different in that they are immune to the Sun, move faster and deal more damage.

But you will have access to new high-quality weapons in the form of a rifle, shotgun, and machine gun.
Periodically, the weapon must be reloaded. To do this, use the workbench, putting the cartridges and an empty cannon.


After downloading this mod, you will wake up in a Minecraft world that has been overrun by the undead. Exploring and walking around these territories will not be easy. Check how long can you survive?

In addition to zombies, you can get new weapons, structures, and items.

This modification has a unique host system where other players can connect to your world and get some equipment for it.


• Chainsaw
• Poison Barrel
• Gun

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night zombie apocalypce
village zombie apocalypce
weapons zombie apocalypce


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