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Difficulty: Very Easy Add-on 1.20+

Difficulty: Very Easy Add-on 1.20+
The Difficulty: Very Easyaddon will make your survival a little more comfortable, as you will receive more items from mobs, more benefit from enchantment, and you can now find valuable items in chests much more often. All these and more new features will be available to you.


1. You can double the reward from defeated mobs.
2. All creatures are generated more often than usual.
3. The buffs from the enchantment will last over time.
4. Negative effects from food will become less likely to appear.
5. Reduce the characteristics of mobs. Their health and damage will be reduced.
6. Piglins have reduced movement speed and damage.
7. When you kill an animal there is a 20% chance that they will reappear.

To have access to all functions, activate the settings.


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