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Hovercraft Add-on 1.20+

Hovercraft Add-on 1.20+
The Hovercraftaddon introduces a diverse selection of seven hovercrafts to enhance your Minecraft experience. Whether you're adventuring solo or alongside friends, these hovercrafts seamlessly integrate into your world. They're perfectly suited for urban landscapes, immersive roleplay scenarios, and engaging minigame maps, promising an enjoyable gaming experience.

Key Highlights:

1. **Variety of Colors:** With options ranging from Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, to Pink, you can choose a hovercraft that suits your style and preferences.

2. **Versatile Speed:** These hovercrafts exhibit exceptional mobility with a speed of 0.2 on land and an impressive 0.5 on water, ensuring you can explore both terrains effortlessly.

3. **Durability:** Each hovercraft boasts a robust health pool, ranging from 50 to 100, providing you with resilience during your adventures.

Go to your creative inventory to get new vehicles.


Hovercraft (1)

Hovercraft (2)

Hovercraft (3)

Hovercraft (4)

Hovercraft (5)


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