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TT Drones Add-on 1.20+

TT Drones Add-on 1.20+
The TT Drones addon adds a flying item with which you can shoot objects above the ground. This is convenient if you need to review the map or reconnoiter the situation in a dangerous place. Unfortunately, control of the new object is only available using a special item provided by the author. Drones can also be used as defenders, as some models are equipped with missile systems.

First you have to craft it, the recipe is not complicated.


• There are 3 models available, one of which is military.
• Camera: Each type of drone boasts three distinct camera modes.
• Cargo Capacity: A select few drones are equipped with the capability to transport items in their onboard inventory.
• Illumination Control: Every drone is empowered with the ability to toggle its lights on or off as needed.
• Particle Trails: Certain drones possess the unique capability to activate captivating and colorful particle trails.
• Customizable Appearance: The skin color of specific drones can be altered to suit individual preferences.
• Offensive Arsenal: A subset of drones comes equipped with a sophisticated lock-on missile system for engaging with various entities.


TT Drones (1)

TT Drones (2)

TT Drones (3)

TT Drones (4)


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