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Joyville Add-on 1.20+

Joyville Add-on 1.20+
With the new Joyville addon, your survival will be a test of your courage. The add-on is inspired by a series of creepy video games with monsters. These creatures have a bright and frightening appearance. They will become your opponents and initiators of fear. You must engage in an epic struggle for survival against these nightmarish opponents.

Enter the world of Joyville and prepare to face the all-new Monstrous Beasts:

Within Joyville's eerie landscape, you'll come face to face with a dreadful lineup of creatures plucked right out of your most terrifying nightmares.

Every one of these formidable foes possesses unique capabilities and offensive tactics that will ensure you remain in a constant state of vigilance.

Let's dive into an exciting presentation of the addon's gameplay features:

Joyville (1)

Joyville (2)

Joyville (3)

Joyville (4)

Joyville (5)


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