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Mob Vote 2023 Add-on 1.20+

Mob Vote 2023 Add-on 1.20+
The Mob Vote Add-on stands as a distinctive Minecraft Bedrock modification, introducing a captivating ensemble of creatures – crabs, armadillos, and penguins, all of which were contenders in the Mob Vote of 2023.

This add-on serves as a visual gateway to explore their unique features, encompassing animations and their surface behaviors.

Let's delve into the individual characteristics of each of these fascinating creatures:

1. Crab:

- The crab mirrors the traits of the axolotl, exhibiting features like:
- Engaging in confrontations with hostile mobs and predatory fish.
- Demonstrating an innate propensity to seek out water, ensuring it navigates through aquatic environments with remarkable speed.

2. Armadillo:

- Armadillos embody a passive demeanor, often displaying skittish tendencies.
- These intriguing creatures are known to congregate in packs, fostering a sense of community within their species.
- It's worth noting that the savanna biome serves as their preferred habitat, where baby armadillos may occasionally make appearances.

3. Penguin:

- Penguins, characterized by their endearing appearance, are inherently passive.
- Their diet primarily consists of various fish, including salmon and cod, as they gracefully glide through both surface waters and underwater realms.
- When confronted by nearby threats, these valiant penguins will not hesitate to defend themselves, mounting a counterattack to ensure their survival.

In essence, the Mob Vote Add-on breathes life into the Minecraft Bedrock world, enriching the gameplay experience with a diverse cast of creatures, each boasting its own distinctive set of behaviors and interactions.

Upcoming Official Features

Upcoming official mechanics for the crab:

The forthcoming mechanics are nothing short of intriguing. Crabs will engage in combat with fellow crabs, and during these skirmishes, they might lose a claw. Remarkably, these severed claws will have a unique utility. They can be used to craft a potion that grants the ability to place blocks at an extended range, surpassing the usual limitations.


Upcoming official mechanics for the Armadillo:

The impending official mechanics for Armadillos include the fascinating ability to curl into a protective ball when confronted with danger. In this compact state, they will retain the capability to move. Additionally, their sturdy shells can be repurposed to craft armor for dogs, creating a unique synergy between two distinct species.


Upcoming official mechanics for the Penguin:

The official attributes of penguins share similarities with dolphins, but with a distinctive twist. Penguins will exhibit the remarkable ability to push boats, providing an interesting dynamic to their interactions with watercraft.



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