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Breeze Add-on 1.20+

Breeze Add-on 1.20+
A formidable adversary known as the Breeze is poised to emerge, armed with a unique wind charge assault. Traditionally confined to specific rooms within trial chambers, Breeze addon introduces a daring twist - Breeze entities will now spawn freely in the overworld.

The Breeze exhibits astonishing agility as it bounds about, launching its wind charge offensive. Before each leap, it compresses itself akin to a coiled spring, enabling it to leap vertically up to 5 blocks and horizontally spanning an impressive 15 blocks.

Upon direct impact, the Breeze's wind charge inflicts damage upon its target, accompanied by a spectacular burst of wind. This impending attack is foreshadowed by the Breeze's subtle lean-back motion, with its outer layers tilting towards the chosen mark, culminating in a powerful exhale.

Should the wind charge meet an obstacle, it will solely generate the forceful burst of wind, delivering a significant knockback effect.

The Breeze boasts a robust constitution with a health pool of 20 and wields an attack power of 1. This unique entity will now be a part of the overworld's dynamic ecosystem, introducing a fresh and exhilarating challenge to intrepid adventurers.

Breeze Add-on


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