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Crafty Plane Add-on 1.20+

Crafty Plane Add-on 1.20+
Traveling through the block world can be done in different ways. This can be done on foot or by horse or boat, but it will take a long time. The Crafty Plane addon will allow you to create a new type of transport to speed up your travel and make it comfortable.

The creation of an aircraft takes place in stages.

Crafty Plane (1)

First you need to assemble the Redstone Engine.

To do this, combine redstone dust, copper ingots, and iron block. And then with the engine and iron blocks, compass and iron ingots, you will be able to assemble the plane itself.

Crafty Plane (2)

Like any vehicle, this one needs to be refueled with red dust. So don't forget to keep an eye on the indicator.

The special thing about this plane is that you can upgrade it by adding the three-piece Chest, Daylight Sensor and Dispenser!

Crafty Plane (3)

Each has its own peculiarity.

The chest provides additional space.

Daylight Sensor can be used as fuel for transportation during the day.

Crafty Plane (4)

And the Dispenser allows you to use a whole range of objects that can be dropped and create a beautiful show or explosions. These can be Dye of various colors, the bone meal to fertilize your crops, and the firework rockets and Redstone give speedups.

Crafty Plane (5)

You can also change the camera view and adjust the view you want to see. To do this, you will have special items in your inventory.

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